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Rockin' My Wife's World!

HAlexander -

My Problem

My wife - the clumbsy little darling she is, dropped her iPad one times too many. Alas the dreaded spiderweb tiptoed across her screen, and into the bedroom she waltzes. Why the loud face hunny...!?

My Fix

Not sure about the "iOpener" however a heat gun works wonders. An added plus is that you don't need to keep getting up and putting it in the microwave. Just turn it on low aim it in the areas where the adhesive is and wait for it to get hot. After spending about three hours painstakingly peeling off the broken screen in sections, the rest was a sinch.

My Advice

Wear safety glasses/goggles. When you start removing the screen, tiny bits of glass are going to fly everywhere. Also be patient and take your time. I'd also recommend using a heat gun; like the one included in the PS3 YLOD fix kit.

iPad 2 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Full Assembly Image
iPad 2 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Full Assembly


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