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RAM Upgrade and ESD Safety

invisyblninja -

My Problem

If you're in Media Production, you need RAM. Lots of it, too. Also, if I'm installing the components myself, I want to be safe—can't have my machine failing on me because of a short!

My Fix

Wish I would have bought the largest anti-static mat. Still, I felt safe at least having something to help shield this simple install. It took 15 minutes or so to open, remove, seat, and close up the memory access panel. This was mostly due to my shaky hands.

As for prepping my ESD-safe workspace, there were no directions included with the mat or toolkit. I don't question whether or not I was grounded, but it would be good for everyone to be reminded of how exactly to practice ESD Safety. There should be a one-page guide, at the least, included with every purchase.

If this information is on the iFixit website, I could not locate it.

My Advice

I may have 99 problems, but having too much RAM ain't one.

Anti-Static Mat Image
Anti-Static Mat


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