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Both fans on my mac started to make noice

by sreitan

My Problem

my fans were going out. i looked on line . You had the best web site to find the correct parts, very easy. I put them in and it works would I do it again? I'm a construction worker for 40 years and my hands are not what they used to be. It was simple, but I'm better built for fixing a 50 ton piece of equipment. Thank you

My Fix

It took about an hour, and it works.

My Advice

Buy a small screw driver set and take your time. The clips that hold the wires in place are piece of crap be careful. I work on $800,000 dollar heavy equipment they each have 6 computers on them, there more complicated but easier to change parts. Small hands are a plus. It's not for everyone. Remember that computer costs $1800. dollars. A computer store will fix it for under $200. dollars.