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Easy as slightly self-destructive pie

ayanlang -

iPod Mini

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iPod Mini Battery Replacement

25 - 45 minutes


My Problem

Battery no charge. Broke friend need music. Me rescue perfectly usable and stylish flotsam from the seething riptides of forced obsolescence, fix battery, give to friend.

My Fix

My Mini wears its scars with pride. (Seriously, they do not want you getting into that case. At all. You're going to have to chip the plastic.)

My Advice

Don't Panic. Especially when you plug in the charger to the guts, rejoice that it powers on, and panic because the clickwheel doesn't work. The clickwheel doesn't work because you had to set it to the HOLD position to disassemble the Mini. That should be added to the instructions, IMHO.

iPod mini Replacement Battery Image
iPod mini Replacement Battery


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