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Pixel 3a Replace Battery with Broken Components Along the Way

Tam Pham -

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a Battery Replacement

Google Pixel 3a Battery Replacement

50 minutes


My Problem

Replace older battery that was depleting to quickly

My Fix

The battery installation was successful. I managed to break one of the two springs on the headset speaker. It is exposed and can catch on things. I also managed to break the proximity sensor because it is teeny and delicate.

My Advice

If you are going to repair your cell phone for the first time, expect that it will be a wash or cost more than taking it in to a shop. Future fixes will cost less since you are not paying for labor and already have the tools.

Expect that you may break small components and maybe even the display screen due to inexperience. During the first re-assembly do not put on screen adhesive until after you verify that it is fully functional. I know that this is extra work. Get extra screen adhesive you will need it.

The proper mindset is taking the repair as an adventure in learning how your cell phone interconnects and its components. Enjoy the independence and fun of DIY. Enjoy the environmental responsibility of fixing instead of disposing.

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