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replaced a bloated battery - new batt works great!

frank burian -

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 Back Cover Replacement

Google Pixel 3 Back Cover Replacement

50 minutes


My Problem

the old battery on my pixel 3 was swollen to the point where it was forcing open the back cover -

the phone just went past the 2 year warrenty - the new batt has more capacity and the price was rite -

My Fix

I followed the repair procedure that came with the replacement battery - very easy to follow -

all in all, the whole 'fix' went without a hitch - I do like the fact that all the tools I needed came with the new batt -

My Advice

don't attempt this job unless you're sure that you can work with small parts and orderly steps -

the screws are as small as eye glasses screws - the different lengths must go in the correct socket -

test the new batt before you button everything up!

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