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I'm a dummy but I learned my lesson

William Catt -

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a Screen Replacement

Google Pixel 3a Screen Replacement

2 hours

Very easy

My Problem

I shattered my screen at work and needed to replace it. I was gonna buy I new phone, but I remembered the ad I saw at linus tech tips youtube channel ,about ifixit having these full year down and replacement kits.

My Fix

Repair did not go super great, but because I just went at it with out watching a video. On my phone there are two layers right next each other on the screen side... I thought it was just one big layer. And I kinda pried it open at an area that probably, definitely caused some long term damage. In the end I realised my wrong doing and got the old screen off and the new one on. Had I watched a proper removal vid, I'm sure it would have gone great. The new screen went on perfectly and fit like a glove, except in the areas I damaged it of course.

My Advice

Don't do a dumb like me. Look up instructions if this is your first time like it was for me.

Google Pixel 3a Screen - Genuine Image
Google Pixel 3a Screen - Genuine


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