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The Little Logic Board that Could

patrick rogers -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Logic Board Replacement

iPhone 6 Logic Board Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

Uh !!! Don’t tell anyone, but my wife dropped her IPhone 6 in the _______.

I fished it out... and the story starts there...

My Fix

Started with replacing the display. Got nothing when I turned it on. Started research.. Started with 99% alcohol bath of the old motherboard.. uh sorry Logic Board. I’m an old school desktop computer builder.

After multiple baths I felt clean but this logic board is toast.

So looked for new or refurbished logic board. Prices varied a lot. You guys guaranteed your stuff a little expensive but you can’t build a house on a bad foundation. Also my son went to Cal Poly and I really like SLO,but can’t afford to live there.. So send me a postcard.. Oh sorry there I go again we don’t do postcards anymore. So got your logic board delivered real quick. Love the fancy box, I’m gonna reuse it as a napkin holder so when everyone comes to my house for dinner they can ask me what I fixed. Great conversation starter. Your logic board slide in that iPhone like it was custom made for it. Lots of screws and ribbon connectors later my wife’s IPhone 6 was reborn. Thank you.

My Advice

Don’t drop your IPhone 6 in the _______.

Don’t drop your IPhone 6 in the _______.

Don’t drop your IPhone 6 in the_______.

iPhone 6 Logic Board Image
iPhone 6 Logic Board


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One Comment

I see now that your selling the logic board for half the price I paid.. how should I feel about that?

patrick rogers - Reply

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