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Great first time experience with ifixit - one plus 3 screen replacement

Ashley Tao -

Oneplus 3

OnePlus 3 Screen and Digitizer Assembly Replacement

OnePlus 3 Screen and Digitizer Assembly Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

My screen had previously cracked and I went to the mall and had my screen replaced with what I was specifically told was an OEM part because he could not get an aftermarket part, hence the high price.

Something seemed off about my phone because the case did not fit as well as before but I didn't know exactly what the other part looked like because he would not show it to me. Long story short.. 6 months after, my phone fell on the ground with a case on and the screen smashed and did not work ( the first time, the screen cracked but still worked and i wanted to fix it for cosmetic reasons). This time, my phone was not usable.

My Fix

Initially-- I thought the guy from the mall had only replaced the screen as what he told me. so I ordered the screen. when I disassembled my phone, I found out that the guy replaced the screen + assembly and that my screen would not fit the non-oem assembly. the ifixit support team were great with returning the screen and I purchased the screen with the assembly. shipping the second time around was slow, but I think that was usps' fault. The day it arrived in the mail, it took me maybe 30 mins to finish up putting the phone back together.

My Advice

I realized this the hard way, but if you need to do a screen replacement, it is easier to replace the screen +assembly as opposed to just the screen. The screen itself, requires quite a bit of work to remove from the assembly.

Overall, this repair wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.

I think the hardest part was separating the back cover from the rest of the phone.

OnePlus 3 Screen Image
OnePlus 3 Screen


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