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Quick and Easy Repair. All Parts Included

Nick Ballantyne -

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 LCD screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 LCD screen Replacement

2 minutes


My Problem

The customer had broken the LCD Panel underneath the digitizer. The screen was no longer displaying anything, but the phone was still receiving call and text notifications.

My Fix

The repair was extremely easy. Some screws, a little heat, some prying, and the old screen was out. Tested the new screen assembly, then removed the adhesive protector strips and installed.

The entire process took maybe 5 minutes and the actual replacement part took about 2 minutes.

My Advice

Make sure you use plenty of heat if the panel is broken anyway. That makes removal a breeze.

Use a little heat after reinstalling and set some books or a phone-safe vise on the device to help hold it in place while the adhesive cools back down.

Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen Image
Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen


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