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Parts worked fine. Afterwards, software troubles abound.

petelunt -

Mac Mini Late 2012

Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit

10 minutes


My Problem

I had a 250GB SSD as ordered from Apple. Needed more space. Decided to add a Crucial 1TB drive in the bottom bay.

My Fix

I had bought another drive cable online and it didn't work at all. Sorry I didn't go with IFixIt. The IFixIt cable worked perfectly. Now if I could only get the Mac (Disk Utility) to build the new SSD from the BU Time Machine. Keeps failing. I tried reboot with Option/Cmd/R and just Cmd/R to try and rebuild but nothing is working so far. I will continue the quest to slay the dragon.

My Advice

Go with IFix IT in the first place. Get what you pay for. Something that works and lots of advice online.

Mac mini Dual Drive Kit Image
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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