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Replacing an iPad mini 4 screen and digitizer

georgeg -

iPad mini 4 LTE

iPad mini 4 LTE Screen and Digitizer Replacement

iPad mini 4 LTE Screen and Digitizer Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

My wife dropped it several times creating multiple cracks on the screen.

My Fix

The repair went well. I took my time and followed all the steps in the repair guide faithfully. I was even able to unsolder the small wake/sleep sensor from the broken screen and microsolder it back onto the new replacement screen . A good set of magnifying eye glasses and a very fine soldering tip were essential for the job

The hardest part was using the adhesive strips for which there was no guide. It took me some time to figure out the proper way to use them. A picture guide would have been most helpful.

My Advice

GO SLOW taking the cracked screen off. Get an iOpener to properly soften the old adhesive. Take the time to thoroughly remove the old adhesive and make sure the contact surfaces on the iPad are absolutely clean.

iOpener Image


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