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Bouncing iPhone 6 Plus

Bob DaCanto -

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My Problem

My wife likes to keep her phone on the edge of tables and counters so it can be with in easy reach. But, along with that ease comes a price... gravity. The poor phone took too many hits and was slowly being chipped away. She also noticed she had a hard time hearing phone calls and had to use speaker or headphones most of the time. The largest chips/cracks were at the top right corner by the ear piece. It was time to replace the screen.

My Fix

The repair went great. I used the iFixit guide with no problems with it.

My Advice

After I connected the screen, I did a dry power test and the screen came up with no distortion or any problems. I even tested the home button. Since it all worked I powered down the phone and put it back together nice and tight. I put the phone back in its case and handed it to her. About 30 minutes later, she finally made a phone call and couldn't hear a thing. The ear piece cable came off or was never fully connected. I had to take the phone apart again, reconnect all the cables, and this time when I tested the phone, I went to keypad and tapped some numbers on the phone to hear the tones.

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