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The Little Phone that Could

armytrixter85 -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

15 minutes


My Problem

After having it sit in my nightstand for the last year my 5 year old daughter found my old iPhone 4S and started pretending it was her phone. After a few months of her just pretending with it I decided to order a replacement battery so it could work like an iPod Touch.

My Fix

It was incredibly easy, makes me wish the newer iPhones were as easy to repair.

My Advice

It was so worth it when I saw the smile on her face. I didn’t tell her I was doing it, I fixed it, updated it, and threw some games on it. Then I left it on the coffee table and waited for her to wake up. The look on her face was absolutely priceless when she pretended to push the button, only to see it light up with a picture of her favorite cartoon character. She swiped it to unlock and started giggling so hard she started getting tears in her eyes. I feel like this was probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent.

iPhone 4S Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 4S Replacement Battery


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