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Sony a65 Main board replacement


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My Problem

Camera would not power up. I found that the CMOS battery receptacle solder points had come undone. I tried to re-solder but it didn't work. I think the poor connection damaged something else in the mother board. I purchased a manufacturers refurbished MB on eBay for $159.00.

My Fix

Replaced the main board. It went well but not as fast as the tutorial said but that's to be expected first time through.

My Advice

DO NOT install the CMOS battery until last thing before you put the plastic covers back on. The battery receptacle will break very easily if you ham hand the battery installation, I broke a tab but was able to secure it with super glue. Make sure you put screws on a non-metallic tray with a lip so they won't roll away and lay them out in order as they are removed.

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