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I-Phone 6Plus Battery Replacement with 50 year old eyes!

Joyce Fitzgerald -

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

45 minutes


My Problem

My phone was having a lot of issues. But mainly, the battery would from 100% to 39% in like two hours. In addition to this, I just paid the last installment on a very costly apple phone. I was not buying a new phone and I was not paying apple to fix it.

My Fix

It was a ##&&%. I'm not going to lie. But I read the directions many times, even watched a video on U-Tube. I took my time and I did not give up. Once I was inside the phone, it was not bad. The hardest part was getting the top cover off.

My Advice

Take your time. The U-tube video and the instructions on the website saved me. But Ifixit said I could do it. They had faith in me. And I did it. Now my phone is like new. Awesome support the entire way through the process. Also, i numbered all the screws on paper as they came out, so I could remember where they went back into. The magnet screw driver and the little prybar were awesome.

iPhone 6s Plus Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 6s Plus Replacement Battery


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