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Replace iPhone 5s battery

lenlow -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

2 hours


My Problem

Battery life was spent

My Fix

The Repair guides--both video and photo/text--were most helpful and everything went as the guides explained. For those considering tackling such a repair you need to be prepared to deal with extremely small screws, wiring harness plugs and clips. You'll need magnifying glasses or a desk magnifier. Even with a magnifier, it still requires much patience and gentle attention to property reconnect the tiny wiring connectors without damaging them. For my iPhone 5s it was not possible to remove the screen with the single suction cup device included in the battery replacement repair kit. I did purchase additionally the screen removal tool--iSlack--and the process was safe to my iPhone and only took seconds.

My Advice

Don't attempt on an iPhone 5s without the iSlack

iSclack Image


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