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Motherboard Swap for PS Vita Slim

Shunran Zhang -

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita Motherboard Replacement

PlayStation Vita Motherboard Replacement

40 minutes


My Problem

Attempt to swap the motherboard for changing firmware version

My Fix

PS Vita Slim is really easy to tear apart comparing to other gadgets I had. Easy swap and it just works. Although I actually have an PS Vita Slim and the guide seems to be all about the PS Vita 1000 model, it went through easily.

My Advice

The guide is an overkill. The L/R buttons does not require removal for replacing the motherboard.

Need to take extra care of the front camera though.

Use the iFixit Opening Tool to open from L/R buttons make opening the casing a charm.

iFixit Opening Tool Image
iFixit Opening Tool


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