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Replacing Front Panel and LCD in iPad Mini 3

Jim Dutton -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

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iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

3 hours


My Problem

Front panel was severely damaged and needed to be replaced. In repairing that issue, removal of the LCD resulted in two LCD screw tabs being broken off so had to replace the LCD as well.

My Fix

Separation of all adhered components was an unexpected experience of EVERYthing being "glued" together - especially the cables. Was difficult to identify cable versus adhesive as everything was black. Going slowly with well lit (Mighty Light) work area helps a lot. Both guides (Front Panel and LCD) replacement were good. Some pictures where most of what is visibile is all black could have been better with a closer-in shot with better lighting (reminds me of the infamous Chilton's car repair manual where so many of the pictures were so dark that you couldn't distinguish one part from another, though the Guide pics are no where near as bad as that).

My Advice

Need to be VERY careful when separating cables that are stuck together. Cleaning out old adhesive takes a long time (used a small flat head screwdriver to "scrape up" most of it into small balls that were then removed with tweezers, then used isopropyl alcohol to clean up). Taking pictures as you go can help see what you were doing. Even more helpful is marking up a picture of the spot where all of the connectors go so you can more easily identify what goes where. Be gentle when replacing the shield, LCD, and front panel - don't use too much pressure. Use the flat end of the "spudder" tool to help press tiny cable ends into their connector - gently. Use the same end to gently glide over the cable end, down its middle, to help make a tight connection. Don't force it.

When taking everything apart and you have the Front Panel replacement kit, use the "cubby holes" to safely store the various screws and other small parts. Lose a screw and you're ..... Label the slots with what is in them and then tape a Post-It note over the slot. Really helps with re-install.

When inserting the many TINY screws - I reused my fairly extensive experience with installing computer motherboards: if the screw isn't correctly placed in the hole (ie; vertical, or upright) then keeping contact between the screw and screwdriver, slowly and gently "back out" the screw (counterclockwise) until the threads "pop up" and the screw reseats itself in the hole. Never force a screw that "hangs up". You should always be able to gently screw in any screw.

The Irwin Quick-Grip clamps make it very easy to apply pressure to help the front panel adhere completely without causing any damage.

iPad mini 2/3 LCD Image
iPad mini 2/3 LCD


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