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F****** Great

Mikal Muhammad -

My Problem

The problem is I ordered my original kit from a competitor that I'm sure if you do a quick google search on iPhone 7 plus screen replacement kit they pop, anyway I ordered the kit and the it came the instruction manual and the Y000 bit was not inside the kit, only after complaining about my frustrations online did they reach out to remedy the situation. They sent me a "complete" tool set kit which upon recieving I was more than returned to a happy customer willing to retract my statement and update the status of my problem with said company until I discovered everything was inside this tool set except my Y000 bit. anyway don't go the cheap route you'll pay for it in the end I'm sticking with ifixit for my mobile needs.

My Fix


My Advice

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64 Bit Driver Kit Image
64 Bit Driver Kit


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