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Life Saver

Eliza Shevchuk -

GoPro Hero

GoPro Hero Battery Replacement

GoPro Hero Battery Replacement

10 minutes


My Problem

I bought a "new" go pro off of craigslist and to my surprise, it wouldn't turn on, no matter how long I left it on charge. So I decided to look into buying a replacement battery. I had to wait a few months for ifixit to restock, but it was well worth the wait.

My Fix

It was fairly straightforward. The only issue I had was taking the wires out carefully without damaging the surrounding parts; the part that had the wires in place was very tightly secured, so some force was required.

My Advice

This solved my problem immediately! My go pro actually turns on now; this battery was a life saver. Though this model has the reputation to have a short battery life, I would suggest to invest in a battery extender/pack, or keep the charger on you at all times like I do.

GoPro Hero Battery Image
GoPro Hero Battery


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