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Not easy, but not hard. Patience.

zedziechn -

iPad 4 Wi-Fi

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iPad 4 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

My son is 5 years old. So as you can suspect, he dropped and it, shattering the corner and sending a large crack across the entirety of the screen. I bought a screen protector to cover the cracks, until he dropped it again. After the other corner was splintered, it was time.

My Fix

I followed the instructions exactly. My girlfriend kept giving helpful hints and tidbits about how to make things move a little more smoothly. I would simply respond by saying "I'm just following the instructions." I felt like Emmet.

The instructions by iFixit were clear and concise. The warnings to go slow and tips about this or that, were extremely helpful.

My Advice

Follow the instructions. Go slow, have patience, stay organized, and if the corners are cracked, like mine. Take special care to stick as close the to instructions as you can. After the screen was been removed, I was able to use a utility knife to release the adhesive from the remaining shards of glass. To remove the glass from inside the iPad, I used the vacuum with a brush head attached to the hose.

Then, when the iPad was fully assembled, I used the packing tape to clean up the tiny pieces of glass strewn across the table.

After the repair is complete, I recommend a good screen protector and case for your shiny new iPad screen.

iPad 4 Screen Digitizer Assembly Image
iPad 4 Screen Digitizer Assembly


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One Comment

I replaced the battery in my Ipad Air, the repair video was outstanding. GO SLOW and use lots of heat, you can just stop and replay the repair video, frame by frame if necessary. The battery and repair kit are top notch. Everything came out ok , I wouldn't be afraid of trying another one. I'm glad I found Mr Fix it ...

Leonard Witt - Reply

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