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The First Time I Voided an Apple Warranty

Joseph Van Der Linden -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

25 minutes


My Problem

I replaced the battery in my iPhone 4 because it seemed like a moderately simple repair for me to complete. The old battery no longer held a charge, so I decided to try to give the device a second life.

My Fix

My repair almost went entirely to plan. It turns out that the original Apple battery that the device shipped with had expanded, and it was pushing its way out of the battery compartment in the iPhone. Because of this, the plastic tab under the battery tore while I was pulling it, leading me to use a random tool that was laying on my desk at the time to get it out.

My Advice

My advice is to drain the battery and recharge it at least five times, more than what the iFixit guide calls for. Batteries need to be calibrated in this manner for the "percentage remaining" icon in the OS to be accurate.

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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One Comment

I've found newer Lion batteries hate physical pressure, I dunno if its the 18650,ect cylindrical spec but it dose not take much to bang it up and damage it beyond repair. Its not a leaking issue but fries itself where the damage is. I am too use to being rough with AA LOL

ZippyDSMlee - Reply