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Airport/Bluetooth card replacement Mid 2012

Paul McGuire -

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 AirPort/Bluetooth Board Replacement

10 minutes


My Problem

The airport/Bluetooth card went out in my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro.

My Fix

It was very easy. I followed the video to the T, before I started then from there it was a breeze. Took no time at all. I bought the Ifixit beginners case had every tool you need. Also got the upgraded Bluetooth card 4.0 instead of the 2.1. Very happy with the results.

My Advice

Follow the video. Watch it before you start. Watch it a couple times. Then memorize the steps and just go. If you get stuck, watch it again.

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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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