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Who needs the Genius Bar!!?

Pooya Faez -

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Force Touch Sensor Replacement

Apple Watch Force Touch Sensor Replacement

45 minutes


My Problem

My Apple watch screen suddenly came off of the frame as the adhesive material must have some how been damaged. So the screen was hanging from the frame by a few tiny connections!!!!

My Fix

I took it to Apple to get it fixed and they quoted me 3 weeks time plus 275$+13% tax to fix it as I was out of warranty. I did some research and found your kit for under 30 dollars. I invested some more to get my toolbox right and ended up fixing the whole thing myself using your tutorial with over 100$ in savings compared to Apple Store and by 2 weeks earlier :)

My Advice

Never pay for something you can do yourself!

Universal Bit Kit Image
Universal Bit Kit


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One Comment

I had a damaged kit the first time around and you immediately sent me a replacement without asking for anything else from my side which I found unbelievably amazing. Good for you for having established such customer focused service platform and hope this story helps more people to utilize your services

Pooya Faez - Reply