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iPad Air 1st Gen Screen Replacement

John Tao -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

The screen was cracked

My Fix

The repair went well took some times but was able to install it

My Advice

In the beginning to remove the broken screen is very difficult since it has been broken into many pieces... Even though I have placed clear tap on top of the glass to hold in place still since there are many small broken glass it become hard to remove even though it is heated... Also, since the glass is already broken I can't use the suction cup to pull up the glass... I had to use hard plastic to wedge in between the aluminum case and glass to pull it out slowly piece by piece... Took some times but eventually I got them all out cleanly... The next hardest part will be to remove the double side film that previously hold the glass and case together... I was using rubbing alcohol and a hard flat plastic to scrape it out... It took some times but eventually I got it clean not 100% but close enough... Before you install the new screen make sure you put the double side tape onto the glass first... Lastly, I placed the iPad upside down onto a flat surface, and put heavy object on the top to make sure the bonding is good for a good 12 hours...

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iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 6 Adhesive Strips


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