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iPhone 7 Screen Repair

Brandon Thomas -

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Teardown

iPhone 7 Teardown

40 minutes


My Problem

Attempting to replace the broken screen, not LCD.

My Fix

Didn't quite make the repair. Realized once it was torn apart that the screen I was sent (not from ifixit) was the wrong one. The Y000 repair tool they sent with their screen wasn't very good and it stripped out. I ordered the tool from ifixit in order to get the phone put back together.

My Advice

Unless you have the machine to separate the screens, or an extreme amount of patience you'll want to wait until they release the correct replacement part.

iFixit Precision 4 mm Screwdriver Bit Image
iFixit Precision 4 mm Screwdriver Bit


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One Comment

I agree, do not purchase this tool unless you are wanting to strip the screws for your iPhone 7, 8 or X. I thought the ifix it team would have checked this out themselves. I like the screwdriver bit idea, but my suggestion is for ifix it to make a Y 0.6 Bit to work on iPhone 7’s and up.

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