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"Lens" me a hand, will ya?

Colin Kitchen -

GoPro Hero4 Silver

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GoPro Hero4 Silver Lens Replacement

45 minutes


My Problem

Sometimes you just want to get some video of your wife skiing for the first time... and sometimes you knock your GoPro off the kitchen countertop and it falls onto the tile floor, right onto the lens. A shattered lens is no way to film important life moments!

My Fix

Finding the part was easy, and installing a new lens is better than a new camera! iFixit got me the right tools for the job, so removing and managing all the tiny screws, detaching and reattaching the miniature ribbon cables went more smoothly than I had even hoped it would! It only took me less than an hour, and when I was done, my GoPro was back to new!

My Advice

Be patient, and take your time with each step! Read the instructions, understand them thoroughly, and make sure you have the right tools at hand.

Essential Electronics Toolkit Image
Essential Electronics Toolkit


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