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For My Organizational Sanity

Adam Vaught -

Dell Latitude D820

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Dell Latitude D820 Motherboard Replacement

35 minutes


My Problem

Device was out of warranty and I had the spare parts from another similar device.

My Fix

I made myself a chart to put underneath it while I work. It's paired with my step by step instructions I make for myself while I disassemble something. As I take something apart I put the screws/parts in the tray. Then I can go back in reverse order when I assemble the machine and grab the parts/screws from each tray that correspond to whatever step I am on during assembly. It's very handy for a neat freak like myself.

My Advice

If you think about getting one project tray, get two instead. Very helpful!

Anti-Static Project Tray Image
Anti-Static Project Tray


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