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MacBook Pro 17" Battery Finally Works

Craig Silverman -

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody

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MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Battery Replacement

20 minutes


My Problem

I had tried two different aftermarket, non-Apple batteries for this laptop. All of them gave the same terrible results. They did not hold a charge of more than a half hour. I would attempt to unplug the laptop from the charger, and almost instantaneously it would shut off. Since the laptop is old, it was difficult to locate a good quality battery. The one I got from was perfect.

My Fix

The repair took all of 20 minutes. I have had it working for about five days or so. The battery is holding a charge just fine. No need to keep it plugged in all day. I can actually use the laptop without any cords. So far, so good.

My Advice

I would definitely recommend this battery to others. Even the employees at the local Apple Store told me to buy the battery from They were right.

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