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Good tools make for a straight forward job

ameet vyas -

Xbox 360

How to troubleshoot and fix a Xbox 360 DVD drive

5 hours


My Problem

Jammed DVD drive

My Fix

Repair worked well. Required skills and patience I was in short supply of. I broke one of the side faceplates. Moving the board from one DVD drive to the other proved to be quite an exercise. Took a great deal off time. I would recommend practice on soldering. Solder on the other side of the board !!! The motor wires solder after joining.

My Advice

-cut the wires on the opposite end of the needed part. Save the most amount of wire you can.

-Solder on the other side of the wire than on the board. That is easier.

-the motor wires will need to be connected rather than soldered at the end


Essential Electronics Toolkit Image
Essential Electronics Toolkit


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