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Camera repair made easy

Jimfixer -

My Problem

I had a Galaxy s5 that I just bought from Rogers . It was a cheap phone because it was old stock but it was a new phone . Everything worked great on the phone except the rear camera . The pictures came out blurry and had a sky blue tint to them. I messed with all the settings and even posted on the forum but got no joy.

My Fix

So because it was old stock, all sales were final and was not able to return the phone, so I ordered a new camera and was going to repair it. Well the camera arrived 2 days after a motorcycle accident left me banged up to the point I couldn't deal with the phone. After about six week, I got around to taking the phone apart, when I did finally open the phone to replace the camera—I noticed immediately that the protective cover had never been removed from the camera lens. This was a new phone. Old stock from Rogers . It was a blue clear lens cover that should have been peeled off at the factory or it was a refurbished phone and Rogers sold it as new old stock, not letting me know it was a refurbished phone, Either way I ended up buying a camera that wasn't needed. Because it had been 6 week I wasn't able to send it back.

My Advice

I should have taken the Phone apart to begin with like I had intended to do but thought no I don't want it sitting around open for any length of time while waiting for parts. I also thought to myself its a new phone why would there be a protective film there. Well live and learn

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