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Successful iPhone 6 Repair!

Jeri Jones -

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

45 minutes


My Problem

I shattered the glass on the front of the phone by dropping it on a tile floor.

My Fix

I was a little afraid to try the repair because it was my first ever attempt at electronics repair, but after watching the video 3 times and reading through the instructions I dove in. It was REALLY FUN! It wasn't difficult but there were a lot of steps so I had to concentrate and be organized. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment when I turned the phone on and it worked perfectly. I'm hooked, I just ordered new batteries for my laptops and I'm looking around for the next thing to fix!

My Advice

Once I got a feel for prying off the cable connectors it was easy. More difficult to line them up and reconnect them. I might get a better magnifying glass for future repairs.

iPhone 6 Screen Image
iPhone 6 Screen


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