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Quick delivery, worked perfectly

Monique Price -

iPad 4 GSM

iPad 4 GSM Battery Replacement

iPad 4 GSM Battery Replacement

2 hours

Very difficult

My Problem

My iPad just suddenly went out and I couldn't get it to turn on or even charge. I took it to the Apple Store and they told me the battery was dead and needed to be replaced.

My Fix

I had a friend do the repair for me. Once he exchanged the batteries, the iPad was able to charge up, but the touch screen wasn't working. We changed that out as well, and everything worked like a charm.

My Advice

I Definitely saved some money by ordering the battery myself from, and I saved even more by getting a friend to install it rather than the Apple geniuses. To think, I was so close to buying a brand new iPad for so much more money. I'm thrilled and relieved.

iPad 3/4 Battery Image
iPad 3/4 Battery


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