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used iphone 5c audio cable replacement

Jay Finnemore -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Volume Controls Replacement

iPhone 5c Volume Controls Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

So i got a battery for myself and a co worker. Replaced my battery without a hitch. Of course went to replace His battery and ended up breaking the volume / power button cable while trying to pry out the battery.(DO NOT TRY TO PRY OUT A BATTERY) I DID ONLY BECAUSE I WATCHED SOME OTHER GUY DO IT ON YOU TUBE. WATCH THE iFIX IT PEOPLE FIRST. You will see there are pull tabs on the tape strips that are designed to make the process much easier and less expensive.

My Fix

So after i broke my coworkers audio cable i began to search and thats when i found ifixit. These people are much more detailed and professional. Make sure you follow their guides and you should have no problems. I got a used audio / power / mute button cable for $10 with $5 shipping. The used cable works great and the process went pretty smooth. Took me about 2 hours and i have no previous experience other than the battery screw up that caused this problem to begin with. I was a bit skeptical about getting a used one but went with it anyway. It works great. Everyone in our office had no faith in me but were all surprised to see I was able to make his phone function properly again. I could not have done it without Ifixit's help. Thanks I Fix It

My Advice

TAKE YOUR TIME. Read all instructions and watch the video fully before you begin. I dont have a magnetic dry erase tray to store screws and parts on so I used a white notebook pad and clear office tape. take out a screw lay it on the note book paper and tape it down. Then write on the paper next to it where it goes and number each step as you go. Don't use packing tape it is to strong. Use scotch office or school type tape as it is not super sticky and will be easy to remove when reassembly begins. Don't try to force anything. If you have to force it you must be doing something wrong. Make sure you have tweezers. Unless you have the fingers of a 7 year old you will need them. Thats about all the advice i have beyond The Ifix its guides.

iPhone 5c Audio Control and Power Button Cable Image
iPhone 5c Audio Control and Power Button Cable


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