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Your battery saved our startup pitch

hoviethai -

MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011

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MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 Battery Replacement

15 minutes


My Problem

My MBA 11" Mid 2012 batter only lasted for less than 45 minutes. I was search for the original replacement from Apple store which cost like 200$ plus. After much much research, I decided to buy the original battery from iFixit at 100$ while a cheaper one on Amazon will only cost 49$. The reason I didn't buy the cheaper as I found they have fake reviews on Amazon

My Fix

My 1st time ever to open the MBA. Everything went well in less than 5 minutes. Now my battery lasts 3 hours or more.

The key thing here was that we are about to pitch our to investors. The new battery saved our day as we can't find any power plug nearby.

My Advice

It is easier that it said

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