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Iphone 4s digitizer and clear case repair and ummm hamburgers

matt ross -

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

10 minutes


My Problem

my screen had been previously cracked, so I put a clear sticker on it. So, that saved it for a while. Unexpectedly one morning, It had been flung off of my nightstand and had completely severed. the back glass was also held together with stickers, but is still intact. I figured to switch it to something cool, that I could see gizmos through. the old one is a souvenir I guess.

My Fix

Actually, way easier then any of the reviews made it seem. the hardest screws were easily the corner ones. I never detached my headphone jack, but that corner screw wasn't too bad to get in.

My Advice

Make sure to organize by screw size so they don't get mixed up. doing so really made the re-assembly a breeze.

iPhone 4S LCD Screen and Digitizer Image
iPhone 4S LCD Screen and Digitizer


iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Panel Image
iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Panel


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