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Fixed it!

autococker13 -

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

45 minutes - 1 hour


My Problem


My Fix

Repair was easy enough, just followed the directions. May want to watch a video or 2 on the X clips, pretty easy to destroy the whole motherboard if you screw this part up.

My Advice

The whole process was pretty easy. To do the reflow, instead of initially heating the board with the heat gun, I put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 min to uniformly heat the board before I started; it's not too hot to hurt anything. From there I heated each of the chips with the heat gun on high for about 4 minutes total and then let the motherboard sit for about an hour.

Heat Gun Image
Heat Gun


T3 Torx Screwdriver Image
T3 Torx Screwdriver


iFixit Opening Tool Image
iFixit Opening Tool


Arctic Silver ArctiClean Image
Arctic Silver ArctiClean


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit Image
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit


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