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Ipod touch 5th gen battery

personalpar90 -

My Problem

My sons battery couldn't hold a load, battery would drain in 20 min , and once plugged it would show nearly a full charge.

My Fix

Went great. The hardest part was the glue holding down the old battery was fairly strong making it hard to pry out. Also the soldering in of the new one was a little trickier than I thought it would be. It was hard to line the connector up and I had to get it a little warmer than I thought I would've needed to to get the solder to wick thru and make a good connection

My Advice

Take your time, Check everything before putting the screen back on. Power it up and test everything with it open. I had to go back and re-heat the solder a couple times after checking that it wouldn't power up, even with the cord plugged it. So doing these checks before closing it up saved me alot of time.

iPod touch (5th Gen) Replacement Battery Image
iPod touch (5th Gen) Replacement Battery


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