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Broken Ear Speaker & Faulty LCD

hendrikhartono -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

15 minutes - 1 hour


My Problem

The Ear Speaker has a permanent decrease in volume and I had tried changing it previously and during the process of changing it with parts I bought from Florida the LCD had split from its housing but still working alright unless I press really hard whereby black lines appeared. When I found iFixit I was really glad to know that there was a replacement LCD that had everything built into it. Although I didn't know that it came with the Ear Speaker (thus my ordering an Ear Speaker redundantly). The fix went very smoothly and I may add that it was amazingly fun! Thank you iFixit you are the BEST!!!

My Fix

Perfect, smooth, easy, and FUN!

My Advice

If you have a black iPhone use the plastic spudger tool to pry the LCD away from the case instead of a thin metallic tool. This way, it won't "scratch" or "strip away" the black finish.

iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Image
iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker


iPhone 5 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly Image
iPhone 5 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly


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