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iFixit Made Me Look Like a Genius in Front of My Boss!

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PowerBook G3 Wallstreet

PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Hard Drive Replacement


My Problem

I am the office administrator for a small 5 staff non-profit. My boss' 2011 MBP had a bad RAM stick and an old HDD. I recommended to max out the RAM, put in a new SSD, and install Yosemite.

My Fix

Very very very easy. I kinda wish it took longer with more steps, I was enjoying the process so much. Having the right tools and a good guide made the difference. My boss was super impressed. He commented, "Josh, you're performing surgery on my computer! Amazing!" Not that amazing in reality. Haha.

My Advice

Don't make iFixit so easy to follow and find on the internet! If my boss discovered it first, then I wouldn't have been the hero! Just kidding. - We ended up purchasing 16 GB of RAM from OWC, because OWC clearly implied that a 2011 MBP can accept 16 GB of RAM. In case it didn't work, we would have returned it. Whereas iFixit didn't clearly state it can accept 16 GB of RAM. But overall we are very very pleased with iFixit. Thanks guys!

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