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Have a working lock button again!

wesleywilk -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

15 minutes - 1 hour


My Problem

This phone has 2 terrible design flaws, the buttons, mainly the power/lock button, and the battery. The lock button was not responding much, and I had to press harder and harder to lock my screen, to the point where it many times didn't work at all. Very frustrating for a premier Apple phone.

My Fix

The total job took 30-45 minutes. It's really not that complicated, but the video does oversimply the job. The video is 100% needed to guide you, and give you a visual of all the components, including assembly.

My Advice

The video missed a few steps. There were a few screws that needed to be removed not mentioned in the video. Didn't take long to figure out though. I also wish the video (or pics) would walk you through reassembly. I had to keep skipping back in the video the guide me the assembly order. Overall not a deal killer, and I'm 100% happy.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


iPhone 5 Power and Lock Button Image
iPhone 5 Power and Lock Button


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