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Gotta Keep The Wife Happy

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MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Optical Drive Replacement


My Problem

The DVD player in my wife's early 2008 MacBook Pro stopped playing DVD's reliably. We RV full-time, and her computer is her TV. She watches 4 to 6 DVD's a week, and a new computer wasn't an option. (A new Mac wouldn't have a DVD drive anyway!)

My Fix

Repair was pretty easy. I've worked on this model before, so I was familiar with the process. It's not hard, but you do want to go slow and keep track of all of the parts and little screws (lots of little screws)

My Advice

I set a piece of paper next to the laptop for all of the parts and screws, placing each one on the paper in the same location it came out of the computer. Makes it easier to make sure where everything goes when putting it back together.

MacBook/MacBook Pro 15" 8x SuperDrive Image
MacBook/MacBook Pro 15" 8x SuperDrive


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