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Repaired front panel

andrehjellestad -

iPad 3 4G

iPad 3 4G Display Bezel Replacement

iPad 3 4G Display Bezel Replacement

1 hour

Very difficult

My Problem

iPad 3 Wifi hit the floor landing with the bottom right hand corner - totally cracked glass, still worked. Seemed pointless to have it repaired or scrapped as long at there are better options like iFixit repair kits. Saw a TV-documentary from Britain "The men who made us spend" @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p021z4w3 Here iFixit was mentioned and the philosophy behind the company was in line with my own view.

My Fix

Ordered the front panel, bezel and antenna, was amazed to see it arrive in just two days!! Spent some time looking through some videos and how-to´s - paying attention to the pitfalls.

Started the work spent 3-4 hours picking up glass pieces from the frame and cleaning the edge for the replacement parts. The enclosed tool kit worked fine, I used two butter knives to pry out the pieces and remove all the sharp bits. Didn't have the possibility to heat up the bag for loosening the glue, so I spent some more time with the butter knives.

Used some nail polish remover on a soft cloth to remove the old glue residue, also had a vacuum cleaner available to remove the small glass pieces.

A bit fiddly to glue on the tiny strips of double sided tape strips, but managed to attach them to the frame in correct order. Placing the bezel and assembly went fine.

My Advice

Should perhaps have had a magnifying glass and better work light, but in the end I got there, super happy with the result! @iFixit: Thank you for super service! @everybody: keep fixing things that are fixable, it just takes some of your time and patience - you can do it!

iPad 2/3/4 Display Bezel Image
iPad 2/3/4 Display Bezel


iPad 3 and 4 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna Image
iPad 3 and 4 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna


iPad 3 Screen Image
iPad 3 Screen


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