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Dropped iPad --- OOPS needs new Screen

mattdunlop -

iPad 3 4G

iPad 3 4G LCD Replacement

iPad 3 4G LCD Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

My friend dropped his iPad down a set of stairs. it took a direct hit to the corner when it hit the tile floor at the bottom. Yhe Retina display stopped functioning. fortunately the touch screen survived. Using the manuals on this site I was able to safely remove the touch panel and see that the issue was in fact only the screen.

My Fix

I received the screen in excellent shape, I am very happy with the quality packaging. the installation went very well using the iFixit tool kit I had purchased a while ago. I followed the instructions on the site, I like pictures. The job was done within 15 minutes and the iPad was back playing minecraft in no time.

My Advice

I wish I had known about iFixit a year ago, could have made some other friends happy with their broken devices they ended up paying a fortune to have repaired. Thanks iFixit.. you have a new loyal customer.

iPad 3/4 Adhesive Strips Image
iPad 3/4 Adhesive Strips


iPad 3/4 LCD Image
iPad 3/4 LCD


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