iPod Video or Classic (Thin Case) Hard Drive Cable

iPod Video or Classic (Thin Case) Hard Drive Cable



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The cable for Toshiba drives, the most common hard drives in these iPods, is identified by 632-0337, 821-0386-03, or 821-0728-01 printed on the cable.

The cable for Hitachi drives, occasionally found in these iPods, is identifed by 632-0340 or 821-0387-03 printed on the cable.


iPod 5th Generation (Video)
30 GB
60 GB
80 GB
iPod Classic
120 GB
160 GB (Thin)
80 GB

Repair Stories

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My Problem


Here is Japan! and I know this site by Google. My iPod had many problems.

1)HDD was broken. It could not be spin up.

2)I tryed to check my iPod, but I mistaked and broken a battery connector.

3)I found this site, and many many advices got by this site.

4)Now, my iPod works complete . . .