iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Connector Assembly

iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Connector Assembly



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This iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Connector assembly is your solution to connectivity and charging problems. If your phone isn't charging, has connectivity problems, is not recognized when plugged into your computer via USB, or has trouble recording audio, this part could fix the problem.

Part Assembly includes:

  • Lightning connector
  • Cellular antenna
  • Dual microphones

Fix Kit contents:


iPhone 7 Plus
A1661 Verizon/Sprint/China
A1784 AT&T/T-Mobile/Global
A1785 Japan
A1786 China Mobile

Repair Stories

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My Problem

My brother in law got wood stuck in the lightning connector while cutting logs.

My Fix

It was the toughest repair I've done yet. But once I got it completely broken down it wa squirm and easy to replace.

My Advice

Definitely need to warm the adhesive holding the screen to the frame. I spent 20 minutes alone just worki . . .