iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable

iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable



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This iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable includes the front camera and proximity sensor. If your sensor is on the fritz or front camera isn't focusing or has failed entirely, you'll need to replace this cable assembly. Components of this cable assembly have the part numbers 821-00379 and 821-00514.

Part Assembly includes:

  • Front camera
  • Proximity sensor

Fix Kit contents:


iPhone 7
A1660 Verizon/Sprint/China
A1778 AT&T/T-Mobile/Global
A1779 Japan
A1780 China Mobile

Repair Stories

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My Problem

My iphone 7 ended up in the washing machine and the screen suffered permanent damage from the water.

My Fix

Very well, thanks to your youtube video. The home button still works well. The Ifixit tool kit was a great help and well worth the expense.

My Advice

Buy shares in Ifixit ! That company cares and is going plac . . .