iPhone 6s Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable

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iPhone 6s Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable



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Product Details



This iPhone 6s Front Camera and Sensor Cable includes the front camera, secondary microphone, and ambient light and proximity sensors. If your sensors are on the fritz, front camera is not focusing or has failed entirely, or if the noise cancellation feature on your phone isn't working, you'll need to replace this cable assembly.

Part Assembly includes

  • Front camera
  • Secondary microphone
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Proximity sensor


iPhone 6s Plus
A1634 US AT&T Locked or SIM Free
A1687 US Sprint/Verizon and Global
A1699 Mainland China

Repair Stories

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My Problem

Replaced battery previously and had cracked the camera/sensor cable. So had no camera on either side, no speaker, flashlight, or sensors.

My Fix

Simple tear down after already swapping the battery. Just have to form the cable a little before putting things where they needed to go. All in all was a lot simpl . . .