iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack



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Phone not charging? Mic not working? This may fix your problem!

The lightning connector assembly contains many different integrated components:

  • Lightning connector responsible for charging and connecting your phone to your computer or accessory.
  • Microphone
  • Headphone Jack

If your phone is no longer recognized via USB cable, it may be time to replace the lightning connector.

Replacing the lightning connector should fix charging and connectivity issues.


iPhone 6 Plus
128 GB
16 GB
64 GB

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My Problem

I charge my iphone 6 nightly on my nightstand. I must have knocked it off one too many times, while plugged in, because it stopped charging unless I held the lightning cable in place. Hardly a viable option.

Meanwhile, my phone runs out of battery every day while I'm at work, despite charging it ev . . .